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Young Adult + Fantasy

Discovering Matteo

Matteo Ryder knows he comes from a long line of powerful wizards. Born and mostly raised by a single mother in Salem, Massachusetts; Matteo doesn't know about the land his mother and father are from. Matteo and his mother (Emeline) move to Bowling Green, Kentucky. Matteo is a junior in high school who wants to be a geologist and work at Mammoth Cave National Park. Matteo believes his mother's move is so he can have an opportunity to achieve his dreams. In reality, Emeline is running from the Dark Lord. Emeline knows what she has to do to save Matteo, her husband, and Grotden. She does the unthinkable and gives up her powers. Matteo just learning how to drive is faced with leading a fight against the Dark Lord. He must defeat the Dark Lord and escape to safety through the portal to Grotden. With the help of his trusted friends, Riley and Vincent along with his boss Bruce; Matteo learns to find the strength to walk through the darkness.    

Discovering Matteo is Inspired By: + Stranger Things + Journey To The Center Of The Earth+ Halloween Town + Disney Descendants +

"Discovering Matteo" Is the first book in the "Grotden Series" 

The names in this novel along with the characters, the places, (businesses, towns, organizations, etc.) events, and incidents portrayed are fictitiously created by the author's imagination or are being used fictitiously. You should note that any resemblance to actual persons (living or dead), events, places, or localities are coincidental. The novel in its entirety is a work of fiction.   

No part of this may be used in any form without the written permission of the author.

*All rights Reserved*

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