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America Is Beautiful

July 31, 2020

A poem by B.A. Pascar

The nation lays down to sleep in fear of waking tomorrow to the same news in tears.

Some say wear a mask and others say no way.

While grown men and women are arguing on Facebook because things are not going their way.

The nation is divided and noticed worldwide. Washington is struggling to find the answers and provide.

The future looks uncertain but one thing is clear we are America standing strong and wiping our tears.

We have been in tough situations before but we always find a way to persevere and say no more.

There is no doubt in my mind that our victory is near.

Meanwhile, our kids are going through times.

They should be out shopping for a new school find.

Backpacks should be filled and bus lights should be flashing.

But kids are wondering if their friends will be in their classes.

Adults are smiling saying it will all be okay, but kids are thinking that COVID is here to stay.

They say Social media is nice but social interaction is better. Our kids are crying for this boo-boo to just get better.

America is beautiful and free and together with God, we can beat Covid-19.

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