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Writing a Novel during Camp NaNoWriMo July 2020

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June 30, 2020

I can not believe that we are already half-way through 2020. Looking back on the first half of the year can we say CRAZY? Even though 2020 had been a bad year so far it has brought some great moments. Like learning that I like working from home, just not every day. I do like going to work and interacting with people. But staying home with my dog and writing my first novel has been fun as well. The one thing I have learned from 2020 so far is to slow down and enjoy what we have in the present moment. I over-worked myself before and just being able to slow down and take things slowly; has been nice. I do wish though this was a lesson that I could have learned under different circumstances.

So, I am writing a novel! I have always wanted to write a novel but I never did. I attempted multiple times since I entered my high school years. Now sitting here at... well let's not say my age. I have decided that I would not let my poor grammar skills and my dyslexia stop me from writing. I am currently getting ready to start writing the third chapter of my first draft. The first two will need to be revised and so won't the rest of the chapters that I write. I have been working the last couple of days and nights to get ready for Camp NaNoWriMo; so I thought I would write a post about what camp is and what I have done to get ready for it.

What is Camp NaNoWriMo? NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, in which authors participate and try to reach the goal of 50,000 words and completing a novel in just one month. NaNoWriMo takes place in November each year. CampNaNoWriMo is more of what the author wants to accomplish during the months of April and July. I started out just participating in April in which I choose to just get started. In July I really want to write so hopefully by the end of November my first draft will be finished. But that is the goal and should I not reach it at least I tried. Now that you know what Camp & NaNoWriMo are let's talk about working to prepare for it.

After countless hours of YouTube videos and going blindly into Camp in April I know what I need to get done so I can mostly write in July. I am actually going to try and write on June 30, 2020. Oh, wait that is today so that I can take July the 4th off. I might actually try to get a little writing in but I doubt it. I would also like to add at least 100 words to my daily 500-word goal to five days so I can also take my birthday off as well. We will see how all that goes.


The First thing to do for camp is to decide which project or projects you are working on. Some authors have multiple projects going at once. For example, they might be in the editing stage of their first book and currently writing the second.


The second thing I did to prepare for camp is to outline. I have a list of plots that I might include after chapter five but I don't have each chapter outlined. I know my start, I know my middle, and I know my end. But all the details of how we are going to get from one to another isn't set in stone. In fact, I just changed a major event that was supposed to happen in my second chapter. This changed my third chapter and my fourth chapter outline. Because much of those chapters would have been based on what happened in chapter two. So I did a brief outline of each chapter on a word document just bullet style. I have my list of plots in my book journal. I guess that is what you call it. I filled out my story map for chapters one and two. I like to do the story map after I have completed the chapter. This way I can I put what events actually took place rather than the ones I had planned out. Since I am hoping to turn this into a series, having this for the series bible is important.


The third thing I did to prepare is an in-depth Character profile for each of my main characters. All supporting character gets an index card with some basic information.


The fourth thing I did to prepare was to create a list of locations that have already been mentioned in the first two chapters. Locations that events will take place later in the story I took down on a post-it note and placed that on my location list sheet.


The fifth thing I did to prepare was to create a list of glossary and terms that are being used in the story. I am writing a fantasy novel so sometimes made-up words creep into the story and having a place I can quickly reference to remind me the meaning is essential for me.


The sixth thing I did to prepare was to create a Spotify playlist and a Pinterest board. I have that it isn't necessary but is fun and is a great way to get inspiration during the horrible writer's block.


The seventh thing I did and still doing is watching YouTube videos. I am always up for ideas on what I can do next or how to better prepare. Maybe they thought of something I didn't.

Well, that's it. I have finished my third blog post and I can't believe it. I am hoping that you found this helpful or at least interesting. I am including the link to NaNoWriMo in case you want to check it out!

Thank you for stopping by for a few minutes and reading! Until next week always remembers to PYD- Pursue Your Dreams and Be Kind To Your Neighbor!


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