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Young Adult + Realistic-Life

The Peppermint Stranger

What Happens when you have no living family? What happens when you have been kicked out of four foster homes? For Emmerson and his best friend Eli; they end up as roommates at Southern Foster Home. 

Emmerson and Eli are two peas in a pod. They like to cause trouble and keep things interesting. Their latest "school project" as they call it is Joyce Harper. A widowed lady who has no living family herself. Joyce is a cashier at Jim Bob's Grocery and spends every evening working there right after her post office run. 

Emmerson has two jobs that he is responsible for at Southern Foster House. He drops off and collects the mail and does errands for Dr. Clarke; who runs the foster house. His other job is to deliver newspapers in the mornings. Every evening after school Emmerson goes to the post office to collect the daily mail. That is where he meets "The Peppermint Stranger". 

Emmerson and Eli are assigned to repair Joyce's house after it was nearly destroyed by two teenage kids. Emmerson and Eli are prime suspects for the destruction.

"The Peppermint Stranger" 

is expected to be released in 

November 2021.

The names in this novel along with the characters, the places, (businesses, towns, organizations, etc.) events, and incidents portrayed are fictitiously created by the author's imagination or are being used fictitiously. You should note that any resemblance to actual persons (living or dead), events, places, or localities are coincidental. The novel in its entirety is a work of fiction.   

No part of this may be used in any form without the written permission of the author.

*All rights Reserved*

Book Trailer

From The Book

"It was just a stupid piece of peppermint candy. I didn’t ask for it. Why did she give it to me?"

"What happened to stranger danger? I wanted to kick her in the shin and fall to the ground screaming for help."

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